Direct User Switching

Software License Purchase

Due to the nature of the Direct User Switching Task, the license is restricted to a particular installation of the software and not specifically to the purchaser of the license for use on any computer. When the Direct User Switching software is installed it generates a unique Product ID for that installation and a license key can be purchased that enables the software to operate for all time rather than just for the trial period. Please make sure you agree to the terms of this license agreement before proceeding with a purchase.

A single seat software license is $15.00 and can be purchased by supplying the Product ID, an email address and the payment. The Product ID can be obtained by running the setup program again (either directly from the downloaded program file or via the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel) and selecting the Modify option.

The following secure online purchase systems are available and support the payment methods indicated:-

Online Purchase System Payment Methods

If you have a problem with a particular purchase system then contact support for that system. If you do not receive a license key within a day or two from having paid for the software license then contact sales, supplying the Product ID and email address used for the purchase, and the problem will be investigated.

Volume Purchases

Discounts are available for orders of 10 licenses or more that can reduce to just 10% of the list price for very large orders. The discounts (for 25 licenses or more) require that end users raise support calls through a local team rather than directly. To obtain the discount, orders need to be placed directly with sales and only cheque or electronic fund transfer payments are supported as well as issuing licenses against purchase orders. PayPal members can also send money as payment if a small number of licenses are being purchased.

To assist in license deployment there is a command line tool that can be used on each machine to gather the required DUST Product IDs and later used to install the License Keys. This is best performed before installing DUST on the machines. Typically the tool is used on each machine to collect the Product IDs into a single file that is sent with your order. The file is returned with an appropriate License Key for each Product ID and the tool is used again, with this file, to apply the appropriate License Key just before DUST is installed. There is a similar tool that creates Product IDs based on the operating systemís volume license and as such needs only to be run once per distinct volume license to gather the appropriate Product IDs. Please indicate what you will need with your enquiry.

Privacy Policy

We keep the minimum amount of order information to be able to provide subsequent email support; namely purchase date, order number, email address and license details. None of this information is passed on to third parties and the only unsolicited emails that we send are infrequent product update notifications (that all contain opt out instructions). If you do not wish to receive these notifications then please contact support via this link supplying order number or license details along with your email address. Invoices will be kept for up to 6 years and 9 months in accordance with government retention limits. The only routine use of these is to obtain country of purchase when producing end of year accounts.

If you raise support queries then those emails (and our responses) will be kept for 5 years to provide case history. At any time during this period they may be anonymised into internal knowledge base articles. Please contact support if you wish for your case history to be removed. You can also request to be forgotten entirely; however this will terminate support for existing purchases and cannot be reinstated. A new purchase would then be required to resume support.